Moviegique is a blog dedicated to movies, spun off my original blog, bitmaelstrom, now hosted at bitmaelstrom.com. Bitmaelstrom blog was supposed to be a catch-all blog with a mix of technology, entertainment, politics, literature and music, but gradually devolved into being about movies, which seemed to be the big draw. I’m currently porting my movie based posts from bitmaelstrom (no easy task) and hope to put some cool features on this page to enhance the “user experience” as the boffins say. (No, I’m not British. I do like the word “boffin”, though.)

I don’t really review movies, because I think what most “film critics” do is sit in a movie self-consciously aware they’re going to write about it, experience it more-or-less like everyone else (though with that weird distancing aspect), then write justifications about why they did or didn’t like something. What I try to do is give the sense of what seeing the movie is like: I think you should be able to read a “positive” review—i.e., one where I liked the movie—and realize that you wouldn’t like it, or read a “negative” review and come away with the idea that you would like it. And if that impression is correct, I think I’ve done my job.

My companions to the theater are, typically, one or more of my children, referred to herein as The Boy, The Flower and The Barbarienne, and their opinions will often pop up in the middle of these posts. The Boy is now a young man, though when I started the blog, he was only 11. He is a voracious moviegoer. The Flower is currently a teenager, and very picky about what she sees. The Barbarienne is not yet 10, and loves going to the movies but it frightened by most things more intense than a light “PG”.