Taken 2

Liam Neeson is at it again, kicking ass in the Gray Unknown Taken Titan Wars 2! Er, wait. That’s not right. This is…uh…just plain ol’ Taken 2, a follow-up to the goofy fun action flick from the Luc Besson film factory. Director Olivier Megaton—that’s right, Megaton—takes over from Pierre Morel this time out and the results are pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

The Albanians are back, and they. Are. Pissed! Apparently, the bunches of people Liam killed in the first movie had families, and one of them is not a very nice man at all. And he decides to take his vengeance on the Mills family, conveniently vacationing in nearby Istanbul.

The twist in this case is that dad and mom (Famke Janssen) are captured first but the ever prepared Liam has a change to warn his daughter (Maggie Grace again) and give her tips on how to get them free. This is fun, if a little silly, as it involves chucking live grenades all over the city.

A constant, in the Taken universe, is the general lethargy and lack of alertness of the local gendarmerie.

It’s fun. There’s also a lengthy car chase. Lotsa punchy-shooty stuff. An overriding message of “violence begets violence—but what the hell can ya do?” that is de rigeur for the genre.

I’d say it’s as good as the first one. Very similar, indeed, though this felt faster paced and perhaps a little less intimate.

Check it out. I mean, if you liked the first one. Or just Liam Neeson.

The Boy approved. (During the movie, he got some large, thuggish looking gentlemen (who had snuck in) evicted for using their cell phones. So we were both on full Liam exiting into the parking lot.)

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