Shirley’s Game of Shadows

So we saw the second installment in the newer, ‘splodier Sherlock Holmes series with Robert Downey Jr as the titular detective and Jude Law as his sidekick, directed by the former Mr. Madonna Guy Ritchie.

Honestly? You could just read my review of the first movie, and it’d do. OK, subtract the matte rant, there’s much less of the cheesy THIS IS CGI LONDON 1894, or whatever. Subtract any concern that might have arisen from thinking this was going to be a traditional Holmes mystery, ’cause it’s even less justified then before.

Crank it up to eleven. This is Holmes as superhero. His super-smarts give him the ability to anticipate (sorta) how combat is going to play out, allowing him to fight multiple opponents in hand-to-hand combat. It sorta works.

Also, crank up the slow-mo-to-super-speed-camera tricks to about a zillion.

We all liked it, if not wildly. The Boy’s reaction to this was exactly the same as it was to the last one. The Flower was okay on it, but really liked the end. Predictably, her favorite parts revolved around Holmes’ puckish shenanigans, more than any aspect of the action or “mystery”.

Noomi Rapace, the original Girl (with the dragon tattoo/who played with fire/who kicked the hornet’s nest) plays a gypsy in this and what first hits you is that she’s really cute. I mean, you could see it in the “girl” movies but she plays Lisbeth so well, it’s hard to see her as being attractive, exactly. In this, she’s much bigger emotionally as she searches for her missing brother. Acting!

Resident Evil—I mean “Mad Men” star Jared Harris plays the eeeeevil Moriarty, set on starting World War 1, and the ever doughy Stephen Fry plays Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’ smarter, nuder brother.

So, there you are. Pretty much what’s expected. You know if you like this sorta thing.

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