Is It Just Me Or Is Hollywood Looking Weirder?

I don’t normally do celebrity posts, at least partly because I cling to the naive belief that celebrities are similar to people and therefore possibly having things like thoughts, hopes, dignity, and so on.

And I have no strong feelings about either Josh Brolin or Megan Fox. If Jonah Hex sucks, it’s probably not the fault of either of them. But then there’s this picture from the premiere:

Do they not look a little freakish here? Brolin looks almost gaunt and Fox looks like she’s going the Michael Jackson route as far as plastic surgery goes. I mean, I have no idea about that sort of thing but her face seems sort of “off” to me.

It could just be me. Ever since Up In The Air, where George Clooney alternately looked like himself and a ridiculously stretched piece of Italian leather, I’ve been seeing weird faces everywhere.

This photo may have been tampered with, too. The aspect ratio altered to make everyone look taller and thinner, perhaps? I don’t know. But I just know I’m gonna have nightmares of leathery-faced clooneys and plastic foxes.

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