Happy Belated Birthday, Carroll Baker

I’m over a month late on this, but Carroll Baker turned 78 last month, and I wanted to note this momentous occasion. Baker was a sex symbol back in the ‘50s, making an Oscar-nominated splash as the eponymous Baby Doll, and having a respectable career into the mid-’60s. Then she went off to Europe and did a bunch of Giallo films before returning to America in the ’80s and ’90s to do a whole bunch more parts.

A working actress, in other words. Our favorite kind here at the ‘strom.

Astonishingly, though despite vamping her way through the height of the pointy-breast era, I couldn’t find a single picture of her in a torpedo bra. In fact in a world of Monroe rip-offs, Baker was a modest, marvelous B-Cup.

Well, what do you think?
Not bad, eh? Elisha Cuthbert bears a superficial resemblance, but we’ll see how Cuthbert’s doing in 2060. Er, well, those of us still alive, anyway.

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